Sustainability Measurement Report

ESCRS Winter Meeting 2023 Sustainability Report

Measurement, Offsetting, and Reporting Methodology

We calculated the carbon emissions and waste footprint of the 2023 Winter Meeting using industry best-practice methodologies as well as an advanced measurement tool called TRACE. We measured the emissions from local event production, delegate and team travel, accommodation, food and beverages, venue and online participation.

The unavoidable emissions were compensated through carbon offset projects with Climate Impact Partners. They are a global leader supporting organisations to meet their ambitious climate goals. We invested in 3 high-quality, certified projects that provide impact in emissions reductions and social development for developing economies.

1. Aqua Clara Water Filters, Kenya

Gold Standard-certified. Providing clean cooking and safe water to remote communities.

Less than 50% of Kenyans have access to safe drinking water. This project supplies families and schools in Kenya with affordable water filters thanks to community-led microfinance loans. These filters clean the water so that families don’t have to boil it for it to be safe. Click here for more information.

2. Bondhu Chula Stoves, Bangladesh

Gold Standard-certified. Providing clean cooking alternatives with a “friendly” stove.

Smoke from traditional, open firepits in Bangladeshi households contributes to nearly 50000 premature deaths a year and causes millions of lung, eye, or skin infections. This project uses carbon financing to offer more affordable, safer stoves and creates long-term entrepreneurial jobs and skills with more than 5 million installed. Click here for more information.

3. Renewable Energy Portfolio, Global South

CDM, VCS, and Gold Standard-certified.

Clean power is one of the most effective ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from traditional energy generation. Carbon finance from the carbon offsets pool can be key to scaling and speeding up the global energy transition to clean power. Put the two together and you have more capital for net zero solutions, worldwide, but especially in regions that would benefit greatly from such support. Click here for more information.

From 2022, we committed to integrating social and environmental sustainability into its community, meetings, events, and activities.  

With the help of the GDS-Movement and the contribution of key members and partners, a two-year sustainability strategy was developed. Download the ESCRS Winter Meeting 2023 report below to view our progress.